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I've been fortunate in that The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida 

has commissioned me to create a number of surrealistic objects for them.  Visit.


  "Metamorphic Man Attended by Young Marrulliers"

    This creation led the parade to the new museum.


This piece has been declared one of the ten best designed benches in the world...


    Do sleeping parkbenches dream?


"Rainy Rolls"

A 1933 Rolls Royce from the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum and the wonderful Cerf family forms the basis for a surrealistic tableau that has to be seen and heard to be believed.


This was created to accompany the  Picasso/Dali , Dali/Picasso exhibit.

At last, the works of the two greatest Spanish artists have been shown together.



"Sangre Clara" is one of 4 works commissioned  for "Minds, Machines & Masterpieces".

This show features inventions of Dali and Leonardo. Yes, Sangre Clara is on Facebook!

Complete your ensemble with  hands with mirrored nails, and shoes with springs


...more to come

                                                  contact: kcbrady1@msn.com